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Blessed with the Islands’ golden sunshine and abundant gifts of nature, the people of Hawaii naturally enjoy a gentle, cheerful “Aloha spirit” that they love to share with others. Our Hawaiian Jewelry embodies the fun and idyllic Island lifestyle, bringing that unique golden sunshine into each new day.  An everlasting memory of Hawaii, forever yours. We take pride in having our very own master local jeweler in house with over 40 years of experience in jewelry, design, and engraving to custom make any thing to meet your custom needs.


Take part in our exclusive Jewelry Social, "Island Elegance." Precious Hawaii presents a trendy way to bring home your own Island Jewels. We allow you the opportunity to hand pick and indulge in our selection of jewelry through the experience of shopping at "5th Avenue Hawaiian Style!" Spoil your hardworking women executives by personal service and fun as you choose from our wide selection of exotic fresh water pearls and many other island pieces that are unique only to Hawaii. Our local jeweler can custom design any piece to give you exactly what you want. 

*A customized quote will be given to you based on your specific group needs along with additional charges that will apply.

I S L A N D   E L E G A N C E    J E W E L R Y 

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