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Precious Hawai'i is a locally women owned and operated company dedicated to offering a wide range of island keepsakes. We take pride in the merchandise we market, putting careful thought and attention in finding the most exceptional products that best represent our beloved, Hawai'i. 

For over 22 years, we have had experience in providing the best, creative ideas for every type of gift to fulfill your needs. Our commitment is to present you with a large selection of high quality products, some of which are exclusively designed for Precious Hawai'i. 


In addition to our full product line, we specialize in our Pop Up Events. We have had the priviledge of operating our events at many of the major hotels across the Hawaiian Islands. You will experiene true Hawaiian Hospitality through our staff who have embodied the aloha spirit being born and raised in the islands.


With Precious Hawai'i, you are sure to find the special and unique gift you are looking for. We look forward to serving you!


Warmest Aloha,


Debbie Sonoda                  Nicole Cockett

President/Owner             Director of Operations & Events


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